Gregg Williams Fires Back At Odell Beckham Jr. For Calling Him A Dirty Coach, Says Beckham Is Only Seeking Attention From The Media


Odell Beckham caused a bit of a stir yesterday when he accused former Browns defensive coordinator and now Jets D-coordinator Gregg Williams of instructing players to injure him during a 2017 preseason game.

In preseason nobody in the NFL is really out to do stuff like that, I had players on this team telling me that’s what he was telling them to do, take me out of the game and it’s preseason, you just know who he is, that’s the man calling the plays.

“I had people who were here when he was here telling us, ‘If you get a chance, take a shot at him. If you can hurt him. I guarantee he’s going to leave the game hurt.’ And stuff like that,”

Williams, who was once suspended by the league for running a bounty system where he paid players for knocking opponents out of games with big hits, denied that he was a dirty coach and says the media is giving Beckham the attention he wants.

We don’t do that,” . “Never done that anywhere I’ve been. We don’t do anything to hurt the team. It’s the number one primary thing. . . . You guys are cooperating, giving him attention. Just don’t give him attention. It just is what it is.”

Beckham faces the Jets and Williams’ defense this week, we’ll see if any bad blood manifests itself during the game.

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