Gronk Drops A Hilarious Burn On Julian Edelman Over His Photoshopped Tom Brady Instagram

On Tuesday Patriots wideout Julian Edelman showed his FOMO by photoshopping himself into a photo of Tom Brady and Justin Timberlake.

As we’ve seen before, Gronk and Edelman have a serious bro relationship so naturally Gronk couldn’t just let this stand without comment.

So Gronk naturally had to ask, “How many TD’s would I have if I **** Brady like you??”

Gronk wasn’t the only one to get a burn in on Julian Edelman yesterday either. Even the guy he replaced, Wes Welker, made fun of him riding Brady’s coattails during an interview with CSN

The guys couldn’t let a Welker visit go by without asking … what’s the deal with Julian Edelman? The man who’s taken Welker’s job has also seemed to have made it a habit of doing a lot of things that Brady does … or Photoshopping himself into pictures of Brady and Justin Timberlake.

Rich asked Welker if there’s a “Single White Female” situation going on there.

“It’s a little too obvious,” Welker said of Edelman’s Brady impression. “I think it’s been noticed. I don’t know, I think it’s like going and getting Advil, and then there’s like the Walgreens prescription next to it.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for Edelman to respond…

If only Bill Belichick would let the Pats do Hard Knocks just once before these guys retire it’d be so much fun.

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