Julian Edelman Savagely Photoshopped Himself Into Pic With Tom Brady And Justin Timberlake After Extreme Case Of FOMO

We’ve all had our moments of FOMO before, like when we regret drinking too much on Friday night and miss out on a bro golf outing Saturday morning that results in extreme hilarity with stories of debauchery. And, guess what? Fear of missing out even happens to pro athletes.

Just take a look at this pic that New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman posted onto Instagram as proof.

Edelman, who’s one of the more bro athletes in sports right now, didn’t seem to appreciate seeing his quarterback, Tom Brady, chumming it up with Justin Timberlake, causing him to live vicariously through them with this photoshopped pic.

You’ve got to love the fact that the wideout even trolled Brady and Timbo with the whole messenger hat look, too.

After the two were at UFC 200 together over the weekend, TB and JT might want to extend the invite to Edelman next time, because he badly wants to join the crew.

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