Looking For A Lit New Job? Search No More Because The Gronk Party Bus Is Hiring, Bros


YouTube - Rockstar Limo

“The number one transportation for Gronk Nation” is hiring, bros, so if you’re looking for a career change we’ve got all the glorious details.

First, however, you need to know all about where you will be working — The Gronk Party Bus — and the man himself is here to tell you all about it.


YouTube - Rockstar Limo

First off, and this is very important because Gronk leads off his video with it…


YouTube - Rockstar Limo

Second, you have to make sure that everyone who hops on the bus with you knows how to…


YouTube - Rockstar Limo

And finally, be sure to bring along some friends that know how to work a stripper pole…


YouTube - Rockstar Limo

Got it?

Okay, now here’s the job…

Who wouldn’t want to be behind the wheel of Rob Gronkowski @gronk Yo Soy Fiesta or THE 87 specialty vehicles!? Become a chauffeur today with ROCKSTAR LIMO and All Occasion Transportation! . . For more information contact: Hlibby@alloccasionlimo.com . . #NowHiring #CDLDrivers #Chauffeur #PartyBusses #MotorCoaches #YoSoyFiesta #TheGronkBus #THE87 #GetYourGronkOn #RobGronkowski

As you can see, you get to drive the Gronk Party Bus and cop $50K a year for doing it. Hard to beat that, bros.

Watch the rest of Gronk’s complete FIRE promotional video and then drop them an email and let us know if you get the gig.

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