Guardians Manager Terry Francona Reacts To The Jose Ramirez-Tim Anderson Fight

Guardians Jose Ramirez in the aftermath of his fight against the White Sox Tim Anderson

Getty Image / Ron Schwane

The fight between Jose Ramirez and Tim Anderson created such a stir on social media that it rivaled both the UFC fights and boxing matches on Saturday night.

Especially considering the Cleveland Guardians’ third baseman knocked down Anderson and the Chicago White Sox shortstop was clearly dazed after getting back on his feet.

In the aftermath, Guardians manager Terry Francona reacted to the brawl. During his post-game press conference, Francona couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. Despite claiming “it’s not funny.”

Here’s what he had to say, via Bleacher Report and Talkin’ Baseball.

I don’t know about you, but that slight pause then follow up with “boys will be boys” is absolutely hilarious.

Francona did a great job to not say what he may have wanted to say instead. Which honestly, is what a great manager is capable of doing.

Clearly, the Guardians manager is going to side with Jose Ramirez in his fight. Especially considering he and Tim Anderson were jawing back and forth before the brawl ensued.

Additionally, baseball fans couldn’t help but react to Terry Francona’s comments, as they found it hilarious as well.

It’s not everyday you see a clean knockdown like that in a baseball fight.

Terry Francona won some fans over.

We should expect to see some suspensions for the players, and possibly coaches, involved. For now, it’s unclear exactly how many games both Jose Ramirez and Tim Anderson will miss.

According to CBS Sports, “for reference, Rougned Odor was suspended eight games (reduced to seven on appeal) for punching José Bautista in 2016. Anderson and Ramírez can expect similar suspensions.”

With that said, keep a look out for any updates from the MLB. Suspensions should be announced relatively soon.