Sexy Russian Chicks Just Set A New Guinness World Record For ‘Largest Downhill Ride In Swimsuits’

Over 1,800 scantily clad skiers and snowboarders recently gathered on the slopes of Russia’s Mount Zelyonaya’s Sheregresh Resort to set a new Guinness World Record for ‘largest downhill ride in swimsuits’. The resort where the new Guinness World Record was set sits in Russia’s town of Sheregresh, a town with a population of barely over 10,000 citizens. So at the time of the ‘largest downhill ride in swimsuits’ Guinness World Record was set roughly 18% of the entire town’s population was on hand to ride down in the mountain wearing nothing more than loincloths and booby tassels (and normal bathing suits).

According to the website GrindTV, the previous Guinness World Record stood at 500 skiers and snowboarders in their bathing suits, but this year it was smashed when “1,835 people from more than 54 countries, towns and villages” showed up to set the new record. Based on the footage above, it appears there were more skiers than people snowboarding, which is kind of shame when you consider how lame skiing is in comparison to snowboarding.

Here are some GIF highlights from the ‘largest downhill ride in swimsuits’ Guinness World Record:

Who knew so many hot chicks were into skiing and snowboarding in Russia?!

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