Gymnast Sydney Smith’s Back Handspring In A Bikini At The Beach Goes Viral

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Sydney Smith, a gymnast at Southern Connecticut State University, has one of the largest social media followings of any current NCAA athlete.

Smith has nearly 2 million followers on TikTok and her videos regularly receive hundreds of thousands if not millions of views. One video of Sydney‘s recently racked up an astounding 17.2 million views showing her doing a back handspring with forward twist.

However, it’s Sydney Smith’s most recent video, one of her doing a back handspring on the beach in a bikini, is starting to go viral.

Based on the video Sydney Smith posted immediately before that one above, she’s either on a cruise ship or yacht vacation, or possibly just bouncing around on a boat. But she showed off her ‘boat gymnastics’ in a recent clip.

That was the latest in a string of videos showing off gymnastics at the beach. It’s clearly Beach SZN before classes resume.

Sydney Smith is a junior at Southern Connecticut State University and completes in the all-around competition.

With about 2 million followers on TikTok and counting, she is approaching Olivia ‘Livvy‘ Dunne levels of fame. Which is odd given that she isn’t even on the On3 Top 100 NIL chart given her social following. Perhaps she just isn’t seeking NIL fame at the moment.

Sydney has about 1/7th the followers on Instagram that she has on TikTok. However, she’s regularly sharing pictures on the ‘gram in order to build her following.

With that said, Smith has been outspoken in the past about gymnast stereotypes and the need to ‘look a certain way.’

She previously said “It’s been kind of toxic because girls have felt like they need to look a certain way to be good at the sport. No matter how small, big or tall you are, you can still be good at gymnastics. Putting it into young athletes minds that they can’t do sick flips or get a full ride because they have a bigger chest size is horrible.”

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