Former NFL Player Shocks Mike Greenberg With Bizarre Snake Story

Mike Greenberg

Getty Image / Ben Gabbe

When it comes to live television, you never really know what to expect. That seemed to be the case on Tuesday morning on Get Up.

Mike Greenberg had former NFL player Harry Douglas on as a guest, as Douglas has become a sports analyst after football.

During one segment, the Get Up crew discussed ESPN reporter Heather Dinich’s tweet about finding a snake in one of her house plants.

It ended up leading Harry Douglas to share a snake story of his own that completely caught Greenberg off guard.

The former NFL player goes on to explain how he “lit a snake on fire” and he “tortured that sucker” to defend his family from the snake and Mike Greenberg was floored.

Watch the clip for yourself below.

You can tell Greeny was genuinely shocked and it is hilarious to watch. From the wide eyes, to the jump back in his seat, and the look he gave someone in studio. Mike Greenberg was speechless.

What makes it even better was Mike Greenberg just ended the show right there. No need to drag it out or ask for more details.

Besides, producers were probably in his ear telling him to end the segment.

Harry Douglas might just be a wild man. Who lights a snake on fire inside of their own house? Or just in general?

I get it if you killed it before hand and cooked it afterward in a survival situation. But to just straight up light a snake on fire as your first line of defense is bizarre, to say the least.

Having said that, Mike Greenberg actually handled that really well. That’s probably why he’s been on television for so long.