High School Baseball Coach Goes on 17-Minute Expletive-Filled Tirade, Is Promptly Suspended

A high school baseball coach in Southern California has been suspended after a post-loss rant surfaced online. Thomas Kim Brooks’ 17-minute tirade following a lackluster performance is classic angry baseball coach behavior. He chastises his players for their lack of passion and heart. He belittles them and questions their manhood. He peppers a half-dozen “fucks” for effect.

Some of the highlights:

  •  “You’re pathetic,” the coach said in the recording. “I don’t give a f— what you’re doing, I give a f— what the team does. You don’t get it, bunch of selfish little boys, that’s what you are.”
  • “You were piss f—— poor today,” the audio continued. “If you go up to that f—— plate and do you’re f—— thing, f— you, I’ll pull your f—— ass out, there’s no room to f— around….That is not me, and you represent me.”

Pretty standard angry coach stuff, really.

But this is 2014 and behavior like this simply cannot stand.

The district suspended Brooks and released a statement about the recording:

“The Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District has received a copy of a recording of high school teacher, baseball coach, and Athletic Director Thomas Brooks. The District appreciates the serious nature of the content of the recording, and as such is conducting a full investigation into the matter. Pending completion of the investigation, Mr. Brooks will remain on paid administrative leave in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation process.”

Brooks himself expressed regret about the incident, calling his language “inappropriate.”