High School Quarterback Somehow Breaks Three Tackles Then Throws 70-Yard Touchdown To His Brother

Bergenfield High School (New Jersey) quarterback Jovani Haskins has probably the best relationship with his receiver than any QB has ever had with a receiver. Jovani knows his star receiver’s instincts, tendencies and preferences by heart, mostly because it’s his brother. In only his second game at quarterback Jovani completed eight passes for 149 yards, all of the completions were to his brother DJ Haskins. However none were as spectacular as this one. Jovani seemed like a dead duck when a defensive lineman was right in his face immediately after the snap, but he eluded him. Then another defender was pressuring him, but he stiff-armed him to the ground. Then a third defender was about to sack him when he shook him off. Finally with a millisecond of daylight he launched the ball in the air and right into the hands of his brother, who was patiently waiting. DJ took the pass and scored an 70-yard touchdown which would help Bergenfield beat Paramus 20-14 in overtime.


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