This Texas High School Running Back’s Hurdle Over TWO Defenders Was So Dope Ezekiel Elliot Tweeted Him Props

Ta’Zhawn Henry is his name. You can check every baby book in America and I highly doubt the name Ta’Zhawn will be in any of them. The only way you get named Ta’Zhawn is if your parents were playing Scrabble in a magnitude 7 earthquake and just named you after the letters that remained on the board. That’s my best guess. And it is wrong.

Regardless, Ta’Z (as his friends call him) is a very good football player. One of the best in the United States of America, in fact. The 5’6”running back plays Lamar High School in Houston and is the 10th-ranked all-purpose back in the 2018 high school class.

On Friday, he made a play that no junior in high school should be able to make, by leaping five yards over two defenders. Check it out below.

The play caught the attention of NFL Rookie of the Year favorite Ezekiel Elliot.

Not a bad cap tip from a guy whose on pace to have a record-setting rookie season in the league.

[h/t The Big Lead]

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