These States Produce The Highest-Paid NFL Players And The South Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

by 11 months ago
highest paid nfl players by state


I’ve never gotten the chance to personally experience a high school football game in Texas but I’ve seen Friday Night Lights and Varsity Blues more times than I can count and feel confident saying the state takes its football very, very seriously.

As a result, it’s not exactly shocking that Texas has produced its fair share of football stars but it’s far from the only hotbed, as there are plenty of other states that churn out impressive amounts of talent thanks to their (at times irrational) love of the game.

Anyone who’s created a dynasty in NCAA Football is familiar with the concept of a pipeline state, and based on recent history, it’s safe to say there’s something in the water down south, as (with the exception of Ohio State in 2014) a school below the Mason-Dixon Line has taken home a national championship annually for the past 15 years. recently decided to take a look at the data to figure out the highest-paid active NFL player each state has produced, and based on the following table, it would appear the statistics seem to back up the conception that southern states are a force to be reckoned with.

highest paid nfl player by state

Matthew Stafford (Florida) took home the top spot, and while Russell Wilson (Ohio) came in second, the top five is rounded out by Cam Newton (Georgia), Eli Manning (Louisiana), and Phillip Rivers (Alabama)

The most notable takeaway for me here was that three states—Vermont, Alaska, and Rhode Island—don’t have any representation in the NFL, which I guess isn’t the most shocking thing in the world taking population into consideration but still a bit of a surprise.

Let’s also pour one out for Washington, D.C., which would have had a claim to fame in the form of Andrew Luck if it wasn’t for that meddling retirement.

Just try not to boo him because of it.