Houston Using Bold Offensive Strategy That Failed Miserably For Bill Belichick, Jimbo Fisher

A Houston Cougars logo on a helmet.

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The Houston Cougars are implementing an interesting offensive strategy for the 2023 season. Head coach Dana Holgorsen has informed the media that he won’t hire an offensive coordinator.

The program’s previous OC recently accepted a job at Miami.

It’s not a huge surprise considering Holgorsen’s past as a play caller. The coach has been an offensive mastermind dating back to his time at West Virgina.

But not hiring an offensive coordinator is a move that could come back to haunt him. We saw it fail miserably last season at both the NFL and college levels.

Texas A&M saw a massive downswing in 2022, winning just five games after being ranked in the preseason Top 10. Much of that decline was a direct result of offensive output, as they averaged less than 23 points per game. That was good for 101st in the nation.

The Aggies went through a revolving door of quarterbacks, but none was able to provide much success. Jimbo Fisher made the move to hire Bobby Petrino this offseason in hopes of creating more consistency.

In the NFL, another prominent coach attempted to go through the 2022 season without an OC. Bill Belichick and the Patriots saw terrible production on offense, averaging less than 19 points an outing.

He, too, has decided to make the move to hire an actual coordinator on the offensive side of the ball in 2023.

Fans were quick to comment on the Houston Cougars’ decision not to hire an OC. There are many that aren’t too high on the choice. Check out the reaction online.

Others, though, have more faith. After all, we’ve seen it before with Dana Holgorsen.

It’s a risky move that we’ve seen fail in the past. We’ll soon see how it works out for the Houston Cougars in 2023.