Houston Rockets Introduce Awful New Option At One Of Their Concession Stands


Getty Image / Alex Bierens De Haan

  • The Houston Rockets have introduced something new to their concession stands
  • The new item is a hot dog topped with mac and cheese, bacon, and Froot Loops
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The culinary world is constantly changing these days. Restaurants have become more extravagant. Classic cuisines have been overtaken by wacky new ideas. The more unconventional the ideas get, the more likely they are to draw crowds.

The phenomenon hasn’t stopped at traditional restaurants. Sporting venues and events have also gotten in on the trend of over the top food. Sometimes it’s a good thing.

The last time I went to a Cheez-It Bowl, they hired somebody to create Cheez-It themed food for the game. It was delicious. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

Sometimes, the trend leads to some food that is downright disrespectful to the culinary arts. That’s where we’re at with the latest option available to Houston Rockets fans.

Everything about this screams “I threw together a bunch of crap that people like and hoped that it would taste good”. It looks like something you put together when you’re drunk in your dorm room at 2am and just want to eat everything you can find.

It’s also likely to carry a pretty inflated price tag. They went on sale last night at the Toyota Center, but the reviews have yet to come pouring in. It will be interesting to see what the people of Houston think about this monstrosity.

Hopefully, this will be the last time any of us ever have to see a hot dog with mac and cheese and Froot Loops on it. It’s just not a combo that needs to exist.