Houston Texans Get Fans Excited After Dropping New ‘Battle Red’ Helmet

Houston Texans Get Fans Excited After Dropping New 'Battle Red' Helmet

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The Houston Texans aren’t expected to win very many football games in the 2022 season. Deshaun Watson is in Cleveland now, and the Texans hired Lovie Smith as the new head coach after one year of David Culley.

Davis Mills might be the future QB for the franchise, but there are a lot of question marks elsewhere. Nonetheless, the Texans haven’t stopped attempting to get the fans excited.

On Tuesday, they dropped their alternate helmets for the 2022 season, and they are glorious.

The Texans’ new ‘Battle Red’ helmets will be worn on Thursday Night Football against the Philadelphia Eagles in November. Here’s another look at the new crowns.

The Texans will also wear these during a training camp practice. This will be the first time they wear anything other than the blue ones.

NFL fans sure are excited about these new helmets, and the New Orleans Saints unveiled their new lids earlier this offseason.

Fans of other NFL teams are now begging for helmet changes to their respective teams.

It is only July, so other NFL teams may be designing new helmets for the 2022 campaign. Still, the Texans might have the best helmet in the NFL for the time being. Honestly, they might want to wear these more than just once during the season.