Reader Shares a Story About How Rob Gronkowski Saved the Day on New Year’s Eve

So one of my buddies goes to northeastern and has an apartment in Boston, so 6 of us decide to spend new years eve there this year. Just before midnight, 3 of us, including the one who lives in Boston and the only one who knows the city well, decide to go take a cab to a party about a mile away. A few minutes later another friend, we'll call Mark, wants to come to the party, so we text him walking directions, but he isn't the brightest guy in the world so he manages to get himself lost. So he is currently lost in Boston, completely hammered, and the rest of us are partying so we aren't answering our phones. One of Mark's friends from school, Megan, is also in Boston for the night so he calls her to see if she can help him out. She says she doesn't know the city very well, but she is gonna give it to somebody who should be able to help. So Mark is talking to this guy and he helps him get to the party and hangs up. A few minutes later, Mark gets a text from Megan asking him if he has any idea who he was just talking to. She then sends him a picture of her partying with Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. Turns out her cousin been dating Edelman so they got invited to party with them. The Gronk saved my best friend. As if I wasn't already a huge fan.

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