Howard Stern Grills Al Michaels On NBC Letting Him Walk Out The Door After This Year’s Super Bowl In Tense Exchange

Howard Stern Grills Al Michaels On NBC Letting Him Walk Out The Door After This Year's Super Bowl In Tense Exchange

Getty Image / Richard Rodriguez

  • The legendary Al Michaels is about to call his 11th and possibly final Super Bowl
  • Howard Stern had Al Michaels on his radio show as a guest where they discussed NBC replacing Al Michaels on Sunday Night Football
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All signs indicate that legendary sportscaster Al Michaels will move to Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime and be replaced on Sunday Night Football. Al Michaels has been with NBC’s Sunday Night Football since 2006 after leaving ABC’s Monday Night Football where he was a staple from 1986 to 2005. And now, TNF??

Howard Stern brought Al Michaels on his radio show as a guest and things got tense. Howard grilled Al on how NBC would seemingly just let Michaels walk out the door after this season and head to Amazon Prime for Thursday Night Football.

There’s an Instagram clip below shared by Jimmy Traina at SI’s Extra Mustard but here’s the pretty forceful segment from Howard Stern grilling Al on why NBC is allowing this to happen.

Howard Stern Grills Al Michaels On NBC Departure

“Really? NBC is gonna let you walk out the door? I think it’s a big f—— error. It’s just like New England letting Brady go. Dude, I don’t get it. I think I’m in shock. This is bulls—. Everyone loves you. You’re doing great. What are they changing things up for? You got the No. 1 show. All bulls— aside, you must be pounding your head in the wall trying to figure these guys out. Who’s running things over there? Who’s your boss?”

Here’s that Instagram clip:

Sunday Night Football is the NFL’s King of Ratings. It brought in 27.2 million viewers when Tom Brady and the Buccaneers played the New England Patriots. SNF AVERAGED 18.5 million viewers last season and for NBC to just allow Al Michaels to walk away from that by replacing him is just wild to me.

This Sunday will be Al’s 11th time calling a Super Bowl! The man is a legend. My 3-year-old toddler knows who Al Michaels is (from watching TV with dad) and he doesn’t even know what state we live in or who the President is.

The interview wasn’t entirely about Al departing NBC. They also discussed the possibility of Tom Brady getting in the booth and the late John Madden.


If Tom Brady can’t just go enjoy being incredibly wealthy and married to a supermodel with their perfect family, yachts, and houses then what’s the point in ever working at all? I need to see Tom go relax for a while so I know that it’s possible to be content when you have everything.