Ice Spice Accused Of Being Satanic While At Super Bowl With Taylor Swift

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The Super Bowl conspiracy theories were out in full force on Sunday.

Every year, we hear fans complain that the Super Bowl halftime show is Satanic.

This year, Usher beat the Satanism accusations, but fans had their eyes on Ice Spice in the Taylor Swift suite.

During the game, many people noted that Spice was making some odd gestures with her hands while wearing an upside cross.

One TikToker even broke down the video of Spice throwing up the demonic hand gestures and showing off her upside-down cross.

It is worth noting that Ice Spice has never come forward to speak about Satanism in public and it’s unclear if she knew what she was doing with her hand gestures on Sunday.

Despite all the conspiracy theories, there’s not much evidence that shows Ice Spice is definitely a Satanist who has sold her soul for fame.

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