Indiana Hoosiers Have Decided On A Starting Quarterback, But Won’t Announce Him Before The Ohio State Game

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Getty Image / James Black

College football fans are just a few days away from finally getting to see the first action of the new season.

However, some of the biggest conferences in the sport won’t play their first games until next week.

For the Big Ten, that first game comes next Thursday when Nebraska takes on Minnesota, but there is a conference matchup a couple of days later that will likely be getting a lot more attention.

That game will see the Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Indiana Hoosiers in Bloomington.

This matchup will give fans their first look at the Buckeyes with a new QB after CJ Stroud left for the draft.

So far, those fans just don’t know who that QB is as Kyle McCord and Devin Brown continue battling for the job.

For right now, Ohio State’s quarterback situation isn’t the only one that is a mystery.

The Indiana Hoosiers also haven’t named their starter yet.

It turns out that fans shouldn’t be expecting an announcement to come soon.

According to the Indy Star’s Zach Osterman, head coach Tom Allen said that a starting quarterback has already been picked, but whether it will be Brendan Sorsby or Tayven Jackson won’t be announced before the matchup against Ohio State.

It seems the Indiana Hoosiers believe that not letting Ohio State know who their quarterback will be will provide some kind of strategic advantage.

Sportsbooks don’t seem to think it matters all that much who will be starting for either team. The Ohio State Buckeyes are currently favored by more than 4 touchdowns.

Whoever ends up getting the start for the Hoosiers will be facing a tough task for the first meaningful action of their college career and it looks like Indiana is going to make us wait as long as possible to find out who that is going to be.