Something Was Crawling Up John Smoltz’s Wall During Live TV And The Debate Is On About What It Is

John Smoltz Wall Crawl Bug Mouse MLB Network

MLB Network

  • During a live segment on MLB Network, something gross began to crawl up John Smoltz’s wall.
  • After watching the segment, people are engaged in a debate as to exactly what it was.
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Eight-time MLB All Star John Smoltz has quite the resume. Not only does he have a Cy Young Award and World Series ring to his name, but he made bank while playing in The Bigs, is a very good golfer, and gets paid handsomely to talk about baseball both for Fox Sports and MLB Network.

With his gobloads money, he should hire an exterminator.

During a Monday night broadcast of MLB Now, Smoltz sat in what appears to be his living room and discussed the 44 MLB players who received qualifying offers from their clubs. While filming his live hit, something began to crawl up his wall behind him.

Smoltz did not appear to notice, nor did he break character, but it was hard to miss. A fairly small, black dot began to shimmy its way up the wall, eventually making its way onto the top of the mantle.

Though Smoltz did not comment on the gross thing that was making its way up his wall, the internet sure did. In response to the grotesque crawling creature, the debate immediately began as to what it was.

The general consensus was that it was either a cockroach or a mouse.

Here’s the thing. It looks like a mouse that is trying to go unnoticed.

But it doesn’t resemble a mouse and thus, I’m going roach. I would like to lock in my answer.

Either way, whatever it is, Marmaduke should get the exterminator on the phone ASAP.