The Internet Roasts Upcoming Yale-Duke Matchup With Hilarious Memes

You thought selecting a political candidate during this year’s political process was a grueling exercise of picking between the lesser of two evils? Try picking a team to root for when the two most hated schools in the NCAA Tournament go head-to-head on Saturday in the detestable matchup between Duke and Yale.

In the second round, No. 12 Yale takes on No. 4 Duke, in a matchup of two preppy powerhouses. The Yale Bulldogs got to face off against Duke after they managed to pull off the upset of the fifth-seeded Baylor Bears.

This won’t be a battle of who can wear the most Polo shirts with their collars popped or who’s rich and powerful daddy can get them out of jail the fastest. This war of the affluent will take place on the court where your extensive collection of boat shoes can’t help you.

Once the matchup was decided, people took to Twitter to roast the two prestigious universities with hilarious memes mocking two of the wealthiest student bodies in the nation.

People are waiting for a great unifier, maybe just maybe, the hate of these two schools can be our great unifier.