Iowa Cheerleader Loses Pants In Embarrassing Sideline Wardrobe Malfunction

Iowa cheerleaders on the sidelines during a game against Northwestern.

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An Iowa cheerleader lost his pants during a recent sideline routine and the wardrobe malfunction has quickly gone viral. The embarrassing gaffe was caught on video, making its way around the internet this weekend.

The Hawkeyes hosted Western Michigan on Saturday as they looked to move to 3-0 on the year. The football team would stay undefeated, but this cheerleader would take an L.

Things went well on the field for the black and gold as they overpowered an outmanned opponent. After falling behind 7-0 in the first quarter, the Hawkeyes scored 31 of the next 34 points to take a commanding lead.

Iowa would go on to win, 41-10.

Many were celebrating the big victory, including the Iowa cheerleaders. One of those celebrations ended in disaster for one particular school supporter. Luckily for us, it was caught on tape.

The hilarious moment quickly went viral.

While doing his routine in the endzone, a cheerleader lost his pants during a back handspring. To his credit, he was able to recover nicely, not only successfully completing the backflip but lifting those fallen trousers from his ankles on the landing.

That didn’t stop fans from chiming in on social media.

“Poor guy will never live that down,” one follower wrote.

“Picked a good day not to go commando,” another person said.

This fan complimented the smooth reaction to losing his pants, commenting, “He stuck the landing and did a smooth wardrobe recovery. Effortlessly. And smiled in the end. I mean, that’s a 10.0 right there.”

He’ll make sure to tie those strings a little tighter next game.