Iowa State Cheerleader Gets Blasted In The Face With A Basketball, Gets Escorted Off The Court In Tears

iowa state

Fourth seeded Iowa State’s tournament run has just ended due to a near flawless performance by a top seeded Virginia team, 84-71. During the waning minutes of the game, as the Cavaliers had already solidified the victory, an Iowa State cheerleader took a leather sandwich to the domepiece. The depressing feeling of your magical season ending so quickly must be difficult enough–add insult to injury with a Spalding to the mug on national television, and we’re entering PTSD territory.

Unfortunate circumstances for the young lady. Not many people can say they played a part in a team’s Sweet 16 run, though. This is just a hiccup. And props for continuing to shake the pom poms. Dedication over pain is the stuff of heroes.

And on the bright side, its not as bad at this dude. He brought it on himself.