Italian Mob Boss Captured Fleeing On A Scooter After Blowing His Cover Celebrating Napoli’s Serie A Title

Napoli soccer fans celebrate Serie A championship

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Earlier this year, fans of the Italian soccer team officially known as SSC Napoli got a reason to celebrate after the club secured its first Serie A title in 33 years to end a lengthy drought that can be traced back to the days when the legendary Diego Maradona roamed the pitch of the stadium that’s now named after him.

Fans in Naples and beyond wasted no time commemorating the achievement—including one man on the Greek island of Corfu who was photographed rejoicing on a balcony above a restaurant after Napoli ensured it would finish at the top of the table with a draw against Udinese.

However, he probably regretted doing that thanks to what unfolded after the celebration died down.

According to The Washington Post, the reveler in question was none other than Vincenzo La Porta, a 60-year-old mobster with ties to the Camorra mafia who spent 11 years evading Italian authorities attempting to capture him in connection to financial crimes he was convicted of orchestrating in absentia.

The outlet reports investigators who came across the aforementioned photo online realized the man on the balcony bore an uncanny resemblance to La Porta,  who was tracked down on Corfu over the weekend.

While he attempted to flee on a scooter, the Greek law enforcement officials who facilitated the arrest were able to quickly corner him, and he’s currently being held in jail as Italian prosecutors attempt to arrange extradition that could result in him serving more than 14 years in prison in his native country.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time a member of the Italian mob was betrayed by a photo that popped up online, as another man who’d been working as a pizza chef at a restaurant in France under a fake name was apprehended earlier this year after he was featured in an article that was published by a local newspaper.

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