J.J. Watt Got Distracted By Hamburgers And Didn’t Care About Talking Football


Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt is a large man who can dominate guys who are equally as big as he is on the football field. As massive and strong as he is, I could imagine Watt can slam the fuck out of some food, too—which he briefly showed on Hard Knocks this preseason by housing some BBQ.

Well, Watt showed that, when his stomach needs some filling, there’s absolutely nothing that can get in the way of him craving his appetite.

During a presser this morning with media, Watt was near salivating over two mysterious burgers that were just chilling on a side table, actually getting distracted during his time at the podium and wondering who the meat belonged to.

More curious about the burgers than he was about talking football, ol’ dude better hope no opposing teams catch onto these little cravings as a way to distract him from humiliating them on the football field.

Even then, Watt’s such a freakish athlete that he could probably chow a couple burgs, toss an offensive lineman aside and sack the fuck out of a quarterback.

[H/T CBS Sports]

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