J.T. Realmuto Pulls Major Pro Athlete Money Flex By Calling Significant Loss Of Pay A ‘Little Bit Of Money’

J.T. Realmuto Just Pulled The Ultimate Flex By Saying No To $260,000

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The Philadelphia Phillies are the latest team to face the issue of traveling to Canada. With a two-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays, the Phillies will be without a few key players due to the country’s vaccination requirements.

The New York Yankees recently went through a similar situation, and the Blue Jays making the postseason will definitely complicate things on this end.

But, the most significant part of this story is what catcher J.T. Realmuto said.

Yes, Realmuto said that $260,000 is “a little bit of money.”

This is the epitome of professional athletes in today’s world. For some perspective, the minimum MLB salary in the 2022 season is $700,000, according to Baseball-Reference.

So, Realmuto is losing out on one-third of a minimum MLB salary. Moreover, the average US salary ranges from $49,000 to $78,000. From that point of view, Realmuto is losing out on nearly four times the maximum average salary in the US.

Yikes. Just big, big yikes.

Yet, for Realmuto, this is “a little bit of money.” Of course, Realmuto isn’t concerned, especially with his 2022 salary of over $20 million.

We haven’t even mentioned that he didn’t once discuss how it will affect his team, but the bigger picture is that the money isn’t worth it.

Nonetheless, regardless of how anybody feels about the vaccine, this is more of a flex by the Phillies’ backstop. For him, $260,000 is “a little bit of money.”