Ja Morant Explained Why He Showed Up At His Sister’s High School, Comes Clean On Other Reports

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On Wednesday, Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant was handed an 8-game suspension by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for ‘conduct detrimental to the league.’

Morant was handed the 8-game suspension after meeting with Silver face-to-face. Later that day, Ja Morant sat down with ESPN’s Jalen Rose to discuss his recent string of high-profile behavioral incidents.

It was two weeks ago when Ja Morant found himself in hot water after flashing a gun during an Instagram Live stream while partying at a gentlemen’s club. Since then, Morant has sought counseling after voluntarily stepping away from the team.

Insider reports about Ja Morant have been worrying. But Ja sat down with Jalen Rose who asked him to explain each of the incidents in the news recently.

One of those incidents Jalen asked Ja Morant about was when Ja showed up at his sister’s high school. Here’s the exchange:

Jalen Rose: “And then there was a situation that potentially happened with your sister, surrounding a volleyball game. Can you shed some light in to what took place in that scenario?”

Ja Morant: “That’s my baby sister. You know, I received a call and was checking on her safety. (It was) another situation where once I found out she was safe I left the scene.”

“Obviously, I realized ‘Ja showed up’ and that’s all everybody really needed to paint whatever picture they want. And I realize now that’s a problem. And I put myself in those situations.”

Ja Morant on his meeting with Adam Silver:

Jalen Rose: “You met with Adam Silver today and he suspended you for 8 games. What was that meeting like?”

Ja Morant: “It was good. Pretty much an open discussion… He said things I need to be better at. (But) more of just showing his support towards me and I accepted that and I also sent my apologies to everybody.”

Ja Morant Discusses Incident At His Sister’s High School And Other Headlines

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