New Details Revealed About Ja Morant’s Alleged Confrontation At A High School

Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies

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The Glendale Police Department in Colorado announced they would not charge Ja Morant with a crime following the conclusion of their investigation into the video of him allegedly flashing a gun at a nightclub.

Following that announcement from the Glendale PD, the Memphis Grizzlies announced that Ja Morant would still be taking time away from the team ‘for at least the next four games.’

The nightclub incident in Colorado shed light on a previous police investigation into Ja Morant’s activity, an incident that TMZ Sports has just learned more about after reviewing a police report from September.

Ja Morant was never charged over the incident last September but the police did investigate him after an alleged interaction with a high school student that’s said to have insulted Morant’s younger sister, a student at the HS.

According to TMZ, “cops say Ja, Ja’s mom and dad, Ja’s baby daughter and “a group of” adult males all came into the gym together. According to the documents, most of the group — excluding Ja’s father — went to confront the student in the stands at the game who had been quarreling with Ja’s sister.

Upon arrival, Ja Morant’s mother Jamie went to question the kids on who insulted her daughter but was told by police they could “not come upstairs and confront the students and they did not need to make a scene at the school.” However, one of the people walked past the police to confront the students.

New Details Revealed About Ja Morant’s Alleged Confrontation At A High School

Other details from the TMZ report include:

— ‘witnesses on the scene said the man slapped a phone out of a student’s hand who had been attempting to take a picture of Ja in the stands … and then said, “I don’t care about none of that, I will beat y’alls a**.”‘

— “A witness later said that man “was about to pull a gun” — though cops on the scene said in the documents they never observed a firearm during the incident.”

— “Cops investigated Ja for simple assault, intimidation — no physical contact, but no charges were ever filed.”

Other media outlets to report on this alleged incident include The Big Lead and Daily Mail.

The day after, Ja Morant’s mother wanted to press charges for ‘threats and intimidation’ against the student who insulted her daughter and the student’s mother wanted to press charges against all of the parties who came to allegedly intimidate her son.

Ultimately, no charges were filed on either end. However, the Memphis Grizzlies’ head of security, Kevin Helms, is believed to have further investigated the incident. He then issued “a verbal trespass warning to all parties per the request of the Principal” according to TMZ‘s report.

Bad news has been swirling Ja Morant since the nightclub video and a Washington Post report that Ja Morant’s legal team responded to.

In the fallout from all of this publicity, one major sponsor has already begun to distance itself from Ja Morant.

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