75-Year-Old Jack Nicklaus Is Not Human, Hits Hole-In-One At The Masters

At 75-years-old Jack Nicklaus, aka ‘The Golden Bear’, just shot a hole-in-one at the 4th hole of Augusta National during the Par Three Tournament at The Masters. Jack Nicklaus won his first Masters Tournament FIFTY TWO years ago, back in 1963. That’s twice as long ago as most of you have even been alive, and he’s still hitting aces today.

When Jack Nicklaus dunked his shot at the 4th the entire golf world creamed their pants in excitement, myself included. Because there’s nothing cooler than seeing the greatest golfer in history continue to kick ass at the age of 75.

Unfortunately for Jack this is the Par Three Tournament, and not the actual Masters Championship, but it’s still an incredible feat nonetheless. Jack recorded his first hole-in-one in tournament play at the age of FOURTEEN. He’s 75 now. That’s a 61 year gap between his first tournament hole-in-one and his most recent. Meanwhile I’m still happy when I line up birdie putts.

If the Golden Bear’s hole-in-one is any indication this is going to be one HELL OF A Masters Tournament weekend, so strap in and stay tuned.