The Jacksonville Jaguars Lifeguard Has A Hilarious Piece Of Advice For People Who Are Drowning

Jacksonville Jaguars Pool Lifeguard Advice Drowning

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  • The Jacksonville Jaguars lifeguard might have the most unique job in sports.
  • He offered some advice for anyone who is drowning and it is hilarious, but practical!
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Should you ever find yourself in Jacksonville and want to go to a Jaguars game, be sure to bring your bathing suit. Although the product on the field might be hard to watch, because the Jags are truly terrible, you can still have a great time in the hot Florida sun.

TIAA Bank Field has one of the most unique fan experiences in sports. The stadium is home two not one, but two swimming pools on the north side and football fans can watch the game while waist deep in the water.

Tickets can be hard to come by and will typically run you a pretty penny. However, there is literally nothing else like it across the league and it’s something that everyone should experience at least once.

If one day you do end up in the Jacksonville football pool and find yourself drowning in the water, the Jags’ pool lifeguard has offered some hilarious guidance.

In a TikTok video earlier this season, he explained what a day looks like in his very unique job. He also offered a very important, potentially life-saving piece of advice.

If you are drowning, just stand up!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the water at the Duval pool is not more than a few feet high. Should your head drop below water, and you are not vertically challenged, put your feet on the ground and simply stand up.

What a brilliant, incredibly helpful lifeguard!