Jadeveon Clowney Bitten By D.J. Swearinger’s Pit Bull

Jadeveon Clowney has been bitten by the injury bug recently. His rookie campaign with the Houston Texas was cut short by knee surgery. That’s after missing time with a hernia and a concussion.

In short, it seems like the guy can’t catch a break.

So it’s not entirely surprising that Clowney had the unfortunate privilege of being bitten by teammate D.J. Swearinger’s pit bull.

Swearinger’s dog broke the skin on the right arm of Clowney with the bite according to the report. Further investigation by the agency indicated the dog’s vaccinations are good until early April.

The bite was characterized to SportsRadio 610 by a member of the Pearland police department as a “minor bite” and no further medical information on Clowney was noted in the report.

Pearland PD was alerted to the incident by the emergency room Clowney visited as they are required to report animal bites. The call was placed at 1:44 am. The pit bull was issued a standard home quarantine by the city which is consistent with any incident involving a bite according to Pearland PD. Swearinger and his brother both agreed to the parameters of the quarantine according to the documents.

“Animal control handled it as a standard call,” said Lieutenant Patrick Savage. “Standard procedures were followed by our humane department and the animal control officer who went out there.”

Hmm. That is not how to keep a harmonious locker room. Most people do not enjoy having their bitten by strong-jawed animals.

If I’m Clowney, I lay low for a bit. When you’re on a string of bad luck like this, every single situation is a potential disaster.

Maybe he should head up to J.J. Watt’s cabin in the woods. Although there will be bears in the area. Perhaps a panic room would be safer.

[H/T: CBS Houston]