Jake Paul Makes Extremely Bold Prediction About Nate Diaz MMA Fight

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Jake Paul does not lack for confidence.

That much we already knew.

But now the influencer turned boxer is claiming that given a year to work with, he would easily dispatch of former UFC star Nate Diaz in an MMA fight.

Paul, of course, just dominated Diaz this past weekend when the two met for a much-hyped boxing match in Dallas. All three judges scored the bout in favor of Paul (97-92, 98-91 x 2), who knocked Diaz down in the fifth round of the 10-round fight.

But MMA is a different animal.

Though Paul, who has a contract with an equity in the PFL, isn’t backing down.

“Not right now, but in a year maybe,” Paul said with a laugh on his brother Logan’s Impaulsive podcast. “Honestly, I will will it into existence and I will work so f—— hard that I can do it. The best part about is that MMA matches obviously start standing up like a boxing match. He can’t hurt me with punches, if his punches aren’t strong how are his kicks going to be. Of course, you can get a guillotine on someone when they’re not expecting it in a f—— boxing match, duh.”

Bookmakers don’t seem to agree, however.

Paul opened as more than a 6-to-1 (+650) underdog  in a potential MMA matchup with Diaz Diaz,.

Meanwhile, Diaz is listed as an overwhelming 12-to-1 (-1200) favorite , according to opening betting lines released Sunday by online bookmaker BetOnline.

Though Paul has already mapped out his path to victory.

“If I can prepare for it, the crazy thing about it, I’ve done the calculations in my head,” he said. “We start standing up. I learn kicks, I learn how to defend kicks. I’m beating his a– standing up clear as day in boxing. He tries to get close to me, I can just stick and move. He tries to take me down, my takedown defense and takedowns are better than his. I have way higher wrestling experience than his. He’s not going to be able to take me down. He’s slow, so I’m going to see the shots coming. Boom, block the shots.”

Paul was far from a star on the wrestling mat. Though he did qualify for the Ohio state tournament in the state’s largest division.

So, how do you think he would fare against Diaz inside the cage?