Jake Paul Is Absolutely Fuming After Tommy Fury Misses Press Conference For Big Fight Due To Travel Issues

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  • YouTube megastar Jake Paul has tried for over a year to schedule a fight with Tommy Fury, the older brother of superstar boxer Tyson Fury.
  • After a number of setbacks, the two finally agreed to fight on Aug. 6 at Madison Square Garden.
  • Now the fight is in danger, again, after Fury allegedly has issues entering the country.

Jake Paul has seen enough.

The YouTuber turned boxer turned gigantic superstar wants to fight Tommy Fury and he wants to fight him now. But that may not be possible.

Let’s backtrack a bit.

Paul and Fury, the younger brother of heavyweight world champ Tyson Fury, have beef that goes back a while. The two have been trying to schedule a fight for over a year now and looked as if they’d finally done so just recently.

That fight is (was?) set for Aug. 6 at Madison Square Garden, despite Paul also offering to fight UFC star Nate Diaz.

So everyone’s happy, right? Wrong.

The press conference for the Paul-Fury fight is set for Wednesday, but it appears it’ll be a one-sided affair. Fury claims he’s unable to attend the event because he’s been denied entry into the US.

Both Fury’s brother and father have dealt with similar issues in the past. The issues with his brother were allegedly due to his ties to suspected mob boss Daniel Kinahan, the supposed leader of the Kinahan Organised Crime Group.

But Tommy’s issues are reportedly unrelated.

Either way, Paul is absolutely sick of waiting.

The press conference has since been cancelled and the scheduled fight may well be in the balance as well.

So while Jake Paul and Tommy Fury may well square off in a boxing ring one day, nobody knows when that day will be.