Roger Goodell And Donald Trump Should Take Shrooms According To Former NFL Quarterback Jake Plummer

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Remember former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer?

You know, the former Pro Bowl quarterback for the Denver Broncos who also spent time with the Arizona Cardinals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Yeah, that guy has gone on full on hippy since retiring.

That’s probably not surprising for those who paid close attention to Plummer’s career. He was always somewhat of an outsider when it comes to typical NFL player personalities.

These days, Plummer is spending time growing mushrooms in Colorado. Plummer’s farm grows a number of varieties of mushrooms for a number of uses. But he primarily grows them for medicinal uses.

“For me, my grandpa had Alzheimer’s and, also doing what I did for a living, I’m trying to do anything that can help me re-grow nerves and help get me back to square, which is what I’m feeling,” Plummer said in past interview with USA Today. “Everybody wants to live a long life, I would think. I do. Longevity, vitality, not just a long life but living a good life, not just in a wheelchair until you’re 120. I plan to be 110 and still active. That’s my goal.”

Now he’s speaking out more on the topic and advocating for a number of people around the NFL to try shrooms.

Jake Plummer Thinks Roger Goodell And Donald Trump Should Take Shrooms

Plummer recently joined Pablo Torre and Amin Elhassan on “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” to discuss his company and advocate for more widespread medicinal use of mushrooms.

As part of the segment, Torre asked Plummer for five people he believes would most benefit from taking shrooms. The answers may not have been who you’d expect.

The first person he suggested, surprisingly, was NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

“Definitely Roger Goodell. He needs it,” Plummer said.

He then named his former Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan and included himself before adding another eye-opening name to the list.

“I think someone like a Donald Trump could definitely benefit from maybe getting out of his own head and his own ego and realizing, like, we’re all one. We’re all connected. He may be tripping already on something, who knows? Because sometimes you gotta think he is tripping,” Plummer said laughing.

He then finished the list with his dad.

Plummer’s list was certainly wide-ranging and it’s clear he strongly believes in the power of medicinal mushrooms, which have become more and more popular in recent years.