This Physics Defying Soccer Goal Might Be The Best Scored Anywhere This Year

by 2 years ago

wimbledon thunder strike

There’s no way that ball right there finds the net, right? Not several inches above the crossbar. Not with the keeper there. Defies the laws of physics, right? Wrong. Wrong in so many ways.

Feast your eyes on this once in a lifetime swerving volley courtesy of Wimbledon’s Jake Reeves.

As noted by the commentator, Reeves’ thunder strike was the very last play of the game, occurring in the 93rd minute of the game. The wonder goal gave his AFC Wimbledon side a 2-1 victory over York, and it’s safe to say Reeves will be enjoying some free pints at the local pub for some time to come.

Having also blogged Jamie Vardy’s extraordinary volley for Leicester City earlier this season, I’m going to say this is right up there in the running for most spectacular strike of the year.

Total screamer.

[H/T Deadspin]

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