Jakobi Meyers Has The Best Response When Asked About His Horrible Lateral Play

Jakobi Meyers

Getty Image / Chris Unger

With free agency underway the Las Vegas Raiders are making some big changes to the roster. Signing Jakobi Meyers gives the team a solid second option in the offense.

However, many couldn’t help but notice the irony in Meyers signing with Las Vegas, given the last time he played them he had a horrible lateral play.

After joining the Raiders, the veteran wide receiver was asked about it and he had the best response. In case you don’t remember, here is the play in question.

The Raiders Twitter account shared Jakobi Meyers’ response when he was asked about that specific play. After laughing it off, he provides a solid answer.

Way to take a negative moment and turn it positive. That’s a skillset in itself. It appears Las Vegas got a good one, as Meyers clearly has his head on his shoulders.

It had to be incredibly difficult to watch that play the following week. I mean, pretty much everybody shared it on social media while offering their own jokes about it.

But oh well. It’s nice to see that Jakobi Meyers isn’t letting it bother him and instead is using that play as a learning experience.

With that said, the Raiders should be in good hands with Meyers on the roster. Even if the front office traded Darren Waller away.