Jalen Ramsey Mic’d Up For His Rams Home Debut Against The Bears Is Everything You Hoped It’d Be

Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

I have a vision of Jalen Ramsey going to visit his grandmother for the last time in Hospice care. Mind you, this vision is not rooted in reality, I wish Grandma Ramsey everlasting health. Anyway, Jalen grabs his grandmas hand tenderly in his, and right before grandma takes her last peaceful breath, her grandson leans downs as if to give her one last kiss, but instead whispers in her ear, “I won.”

The Rams corner is an equal opportunity shit talker, and the mic’d up footage from Ramsey’s home debut with the Rams in Sunday’s win over the Bears is further proof that the dude is a bigger talker than Tekashi 6ix9ine when prosecutors ask for names.

The Pro Bowl cornerback squared up against his former Jacksonville teammate, Allen Robinson, and relished in winning that battle.

I plan to drill a sign that reads “We’re not playing with nobody’s children today” above my bedroom door and smack it every time I start a new day. It will be my “Play like a champion today” sign.

While we’re here, lets remember Ramsey telling Gronk “You can’t fuck with me, Gronk!”

Never change, Jalen. You irritating bastard.


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