Watch Jameis Winston Prove That He’s A Football Genius By Amazingly Drawing Up A Crazy Play From Memory


NFL Network

Jameis Winston has been crushing NFL combine interviews with a mix of charm and intelligence. NFL execs are so impressed with Jameis’ football IQ that they’re even comparing him with Peyton Manning.

The comparison seems pretty ludicrous, but there’s video evidence to back it up.

On Saturday afternoon, Jameis Winston joined Steve Mariucci on the white board at the NFL scouting combine. When asked to draw up a convoluted play from memory, Jameis didn’t skip a beat and was able to not only recreate the play on the whiteboard, but was also able to describe several intricacies of the play.

After the interview, Mariucci called Winston “the most astute X’s and O’s guy that he’s ever put on the board.”

Watch a video of the segment below.