Jarrell Miller Says He ‘Smokes’ Tyson Fury, Would ‘F Up’ Deontay Wilder, And Rips Anthony Joshua To Shreds

Jarrell Miller

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Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller wants all the smoke in the heavyweight division.

After serving three and a half years of suspension to fail drug tests Miller is on the comeback trail and the unbeaten heavyweight is on the comeback trail.

Before his exhibition fight against Antonio Zepeda at the Mayweather-Gotti III undercard, Miller went on a rampage calling out all the top heavyweights in his division.

First, Miller called out WBC heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, who is currently looking for an opponent.

“I like Tyson, Tyson is one of the greatest heavyweights out right now period, he’s one of my favorite fighters…but when it comes to boxing business, Imma smoke his a–‘

Miller then went off on Deontay Wilder but says that he wants to wait to fight Wilder after the two beat some of the top European heavyweights in the divison.

‘I F— Wilder Up, Wilder been asking about me, you know where I’m at buddy…even if I get to Wilder, there’s more money with me and him fighting after getting rid of Tyson, getting rid of Usyk, getting rid of AJ, then me and him could have an all-American heavyweight clash”

Miller went on his most explosive rant against Anthony Joshua, who he was supposed to fight back in 2019 but the fight was called off after Miller failed a drug test.

“But my main thing right now is Tyson Fury, and AJ, apple jacks aka G-string in a thong, aka rotten fish and chips, you a punk, Texas can’t teach you no heart, Uncle D is my man in Texas but he can’t teach you heart, you always going to be a p—y, born a p—y, like like a p—y and you smell like p—y

AJ has to be a man and step up..he’s the boss, but he’s making seem like Eddie Hearn is his boss but he’s the boss, if he want to fight, come to America, I’m right here for him, come to Dubai and make it happen. You can’t call yourself undisputed heavyweight champion in the world and got your a– whooped by my little cousin Taco Bell and never come back…come back and fight his cousin big cheeseburger and make it happen”

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