Jason Kokrak May Have Just Played His Last Hole On The PGA Tour And He Did So In Hilarious Fashion

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  • Jason Kokrak was heading toward at missed cut at the PGA Tour Travelers Championship on Friday.
  • Kokrak has also been linked with the controversial LIV Golf Series.
  • On his final hole of the second round, Kokrak decided he was done playing.

Anybody who have ever played a round golf knows what it feels like when things aren’t going your way.

Sometimes you just want to chuck your clubs into the nearest water hazard and leave.

Except, not all of us play on the PGA Tour. Which brings us to the story of Jason Kokrak on Friday. Kokrak, who has been linked with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Series, was having a rough go of things in the second round of the PGA Tour Travelers Championship. The veteran Tour member was sitting at +1, well outside the cut line, walking down the fairway of the ninth hole, his final hole of the day.

He then mishit his second shot on the hole some 40 yards over the green and onto the road behind the hole. Apparently enough was enough. Because rather than finish out, Kokrak left the course, never finished his round, and was disqualified for not submitting a scorecard.

We get it, Jason.

What makes the move even more incredible is Kokrak’s links to LIV. Normally, he’d face some sort of fine or suspension from the PGA Tour. But does he know he’s not coming back?

At 37 years old, even a two or three year stint on the very, very profitable upstart tour could be enough for Kokrak. Golf fans all seemed to have the same thought.



Just an absolutely incredible mic drop. Kokrak, out.