Four Months After Blowing Off His Finger, Jason Pierre-Paul And The New York Giants Finally Agree To A Deal

Other than Deflategate owning the airwaves all summer, the biggest NFL news that people were talking about was how New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul blew off his finger while playing with fireworks during the Fourth of July weekend, forgetting to read that whole Warning label on the side of the box.

After months of back-and-forth and questions about if and/or when JPP would be back with the team, the two sides finally agreed to a new deal late Tuesday, as the two-time Pro Bowler reached an incentive-laden deal with the G-Men and is expected back by Week 12.

Exact numbers weren’t released, but it’s nowhere close to the $14 million-plus Pierre-Paul was offered by the Giants with their franchise tag back in the spring, that’s for sure.

JPP posted the above pic on his Instagram to thank a bunch of people—with his amputated index finger in full view—so only time will tell if he’s the same player with nine fingers as he was with 10.

[H/T New York Daily News]

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