Jason Whitlock RIPPED ‘Fraudulent Superstar’ Kobe Bryant, Calls His Last Game ‘Hot Garbage’

Almost every single person who loves sports has been talking about how unreal Kobe Bryant’s final game was the other night, when the Mamba dropped 60 points and led his L.A. Lakers to a victory over the Utah Jazz for one more epic performance.

But Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock isn’t one of those who’s impressed—like, at all—because the typically angry TV/radio personality lit into Kobe during his segment on the Colin Cowherd Show this morning, not holding a single opinion back.

Whitlock even goes as far as saying that Bryant is “the most fraudulent superstar celebrity athlete we have ever seen,” adding that the future Hall of Famer’s “narcissism and selfishness destroyed a franchise.”

It’s quite the rant by the always opinionated and typically angry Whitlock, with him even adding that Kobe’s final game left him pissed off, saying, “That game last night was hot garbage.”

Doesn’t look like Whitlock’s going to be buying a “Mamba Out” t-shirt anytime soon.

[H/T Yahoo! Sports]

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