Jaylen Brown Confronted NBA Players And Asked If They Were Actually Going To Protest Or If They Just Wanted To Go Home Because They’re Sick Of The Bubble

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Celtics’ Jaylen Brown is only 23-years-old but he’s become a vocal leader during the last few months.

On Wednesday it was reported that NBA players had held meetings to discuss whether or not to continue the season following the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha,Wisconsin..
According to several reports, players are not only dealing with the Jacob Blake shooting but are “worn out” from being in the bubble for two months.

During Wednesday night’s meeting, Celtics’ forward Jaylen Brown reportedly confronted players and asked if they were actually going to protest if they went home or if they just wanted to leave the bubble because they’re just sick of being there.

Jaylen Brown also sassed them, if you guys leave here are you just going to leave and go chill and hang out with your families and lose that loneliness or are you going to be in the trenches or are you going to be in the streets

It is worth noting Brown was one of the first players to be active during the BLM protests in the summer when he drove 15 hours from Boston to Atlanta and joined a match.

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