Ex-NBA Player Jeff Adrien Allegedly Steals Mercedes From Valet Stand, Car Is Returned Reeking Of Weed

Former NBA player Jeff Adrien was arrested in L.A. after allegedly deciding to hop in a delicious new Mercedes that was valet parked at a West Hollywood hotel.

According to TMZ, Adrien was waiting outside the hotel (where he had been staying) when the Mercedes pulled in. I guess it was just too fucking nice not to steal?

No one seems to know how Adrien managed to get his hands on the keys from the valet stand, but he did, and proceeded to drive around for SIX hours — very quick trip to Vegas? — before bringing it back to the hotel he stole it from. Kind of like Kramer trying to return the very pants he was wearing.

The owner of the car apparently said it reeked of weed when he finally got it back. But come on, that’s almost a given when one sets out on an impromptu six-hour trip up and down the coast.

Adrien was arrested for grand theft auto and was eventually released on $25,000 bail.

The 6’7″ Mercedes connoisseur played five forgettable seasons in the NBA with four different teams, averaging 4.6 points and 4.3 rebounds a game. The key takeaway here? He’s far more adept at stealing cars.


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