College Football Fans Can’t Believe Purdue Coach Jeff Brohm’s Baffling Late-Game Decision

College Football Fans Can't Believe Purdue's Jeff Brohm's Coach's Late-Game Playcalling

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Purdue Coach Jeff Brohm refused to run the ball yesterday late in their loss to Penn State, and people are quite confused.

The wackiness of college football was on full display during the Penn State-Purdue game. There were hilariously bad plays, like this truly awful pick-six by Penn State’s Sean Clifford.

Jeff Brohm Does Not Know How To Burn Clock

Somehow, that putrid display of quarterbacking was not the most boneheaded thing on display in that game. Following the pick-six that put Purdue in front, the Boilermaker defense forced a three-and-out to give them the ball back with 6:27 remaining and a three-point lead.


It would make sense, then, to try to chew the clock and maybe even run out the entirety of it. Not to Jeff Brohm. Brohm, who is the head coach but also calls offensive plays,  proceeded to call eight pass plays in a row en route to a 4th and 30 situation. Those eight plays only took 1:37 off the clock.

No worries, as Purdue immediately forced another three and out, this time giving the ball back to the Boilermaker offense with 4:28 remaining. Surely, Brohm would try to chew the clock now.

@redshirtfreshmen on Twitter summed up just how reluctant Brohm was to run the ball with a classic meme.

Purdue ran six plays on the drive, five pass plays, three incomplete, and Penn State not only got the ball back with plenty of time left, but had two timeouts remaining, due to Brohm’s puzzling playcalling.

Naturally, Sean Clifford, having thrown that truly awful pick-six earlier in the quarter, led Penn State on a perfect drive to give them a lead with under a minute remaining, 31-28. Penn State would hold on and start 1-0, while Purdue let one slip away.

Social media blames Brohm


Brohm took the brunt of the criticism on social media for the loss.
@HawksChronicles, fan of Purdue rival Iowa, highlighted just how bad it looked for Brohm.

as Patrick Mayhorn of Meet At Midfield said, it’s usually James Franklin screwing up time management at the end of games. Franklin was on the other side of it on Thursday.


College football is definitely back in full swing, as are the terrible coaching blunders.