Jeff Fisher’s Outfit During His USFL Debut Goes Viral, Sparks All Kinds Of Jokes Among Football Fans

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  • When Jeff Fisher took the field for his USFL debut, his outfit immediately went viral.
  • As is with most things, the internet ran with it and had all kinds of jokes.
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Jeff Fisher is back in football and the world is better for it. At 64 years old, the 22-year NFL head coach made his debut as the head coach of the USFL’s Michigan Panthers on Sunday and his outfit garnered quite a bit of attention.

Fisher, who also serves as the general manager, did not get off to a hot start. After drafting Shea Patterson No. 1 overall in the USFL Draft, Patterson completely embarrassed himself and allowed his opponents to score their first touchdown of the season.

As a result of Patterson’s blunder and simply being out-played by the opposition, the Panthers fell behind 17-0 at halftime. Fortunately, Fisher was there to give his team a pump-up speech as they tried to get back on track.

Prior to the end of the second quarter, Fisher turned quite a few heads by taking to the sideline with a backwards hat. In turn, football fans far and wide took to Twitter to crack some jokes about the man who owns a .512 all-time winning percentage.

The obvious joke was about how Fisher was trying to fit in.

The other joke that was on the tip of everyone’s tongue had to do with Colin Cowherd’s stance on backwards hats.

From there, it was a field day.

Win, lose or otherwise, we are lucky to have Jeff Fisher back in our lives.