Jena Sims Joked About Brooks Koepka’s ‘Dad Bod’ In The Bahamas While Posting Beach Pics

Jena Sims Joked About Brooks Koepka's 'Dad Bod' In The Bahamas While Posting Beach Pics

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Former #1 ranked golfer in the world and current LIV Golf tour member Brooks Koepka just got back from The Bahamas with his lovely wife Jena Sims. It was a cruise ship vacation with what appeared to be lots of friends. Everyone was onboard the Liberty of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship that can accommodate over 3,600 passengers.

Either in an effort to really lean into cruise culture or to camouflage himself amongst the other passengers (or all the above), Brooks Koepka and Jena Sims put on their finest ‘trashy cruise apparel’ for the trip.

Underneath the airbrushed cruise t-shirt of Jena Sims was a toned beach bod. And underneath the shirt of her husband Brooks Koepka, one of the best golfers on planet earth, was the ultimate dad bod. We know this because she posted pictures from the trip and then joked in the comments about Brooks’ dad bod. ‘Dad Bods’ have been back in style for several years now, by the way.

The 4th and 5th pictures in this slideshow are the ladies (4) and the gentlemen (5). You can scroll over to get a sense of who has been working out more, but Jena Sims’ comment below explains everything:

Here’s what Jena Sims had to say when someone joked about the dad bods:

Jena Sims jokes about Brooks Koepka's dad bod

Jena Sims / Instagram

Naturally, someone joked ‘Brooks enjoying that LIV money’ as if Brooks Koepka couldn’t buy the entire cruise ship with the amount of money he’s made from playing golf… Someone astutely pointed out the ‘buddy in the middle sticking his gut out’. Another person wrote ‘Dad bods and hot chicks. Pro Golfers have it great’ and they are speaking the truth.

In response to ‘holy sweet dad bods’ she joked ‘they really gave us a run for our money’. She is referring to the fact that she looked like this on the trip while the men were all rocking dad bods:

In the comments, Jena Sims mentioned that next year she’s working on a ‘Disney Adult’ theme for their annual friends trip.

Let me be clear: I’m not judging. Brooks Koepka is living his best life with Jena Sims, dad bod and all.

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