Jeopardy! Gives Contestants An Easy NBA Clue In Final Jeopardy! And It Wasn’t Pretty For One Of Them

by 12 months ago

“The animal on this NBA team’s primary logo peaked about 75 million years ago.” That was the clue. Obviously, the answer has to be a dinosaur of some kind, right? And the only option is the Toronto Raptors. There is no other option. But if you are a person who doesn’t watch or care about the NBA, this clue can really fuck ya silly. And one lady, who probably only knows a handful of team names, got fucked silly by this question.

She bet it all! And she answered Timberwolves! As much as I want to hate on her for it, I admire the fucking moxie of someone who sees the “Sports Mascots” category, knows that they have no knowledge of certain sports, and still bets the farm. Those are the people I root for.

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