Jeremy Lin Showed Up In China Sporting An Absolutely LINsane Haircut


Remember when current Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin was the hottest thing in the NBA, actually making people believe that he was the second coming of Pistol Pete, John Stockton or some other Hall of Fame point guard? Things have gone south in the three years since.

Forget about the dude’s pedestrian stats, though, and let’s talk about the haircut he was seen sporting during the Hornets trip to China for some preseason games.

“”I’ll just go ahead and leave that photo here for you to stew on and allow your inner monologue to write the perfect caption, because Lin’s bowl cut is, well, interesting. This comes a few weeks after Lin showed up to the team’s media day looking like a fucking video game character, sporting spiked hair with a headband.

For Hornets fans, Lin’s crazy ‘dos will, apparently, become a thing this season, as he told the Charlotte Observer that he and six other buddies and family members will occasionally change up their haircuts, with each one not being “released to the public until it actually happens.”

Oh, Linsanity, you so crazy.

[H/T SB Nation]

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