Dallas Cowboys Fan Chris Christie Loses 2016 Election By High-Fiving Jerry Jones


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a Dallas Cowboys fan. But he’s not stupid. He doesn’t wear it on his sleeve and cavort around with the team’s owner on national television or anything.

What’s that? He does? That seems … like something the good people of Jersey wouldn’t like.

Christie could be seen from space in a loud sweater rooting for America’s Team with Jerry Jones last night in Philadelphia. Many awkward high-fives were exchanged as Tony Romo and the crew dismantled the Eagles.

Christie, who is expected to make a run for president in 2016, doubled down with the display by doing it in a swing state. Who is this guy’s campaign manager?

As you may suspect, plebs and politicians alike weren’t too kind to the ‘Gov. Leading the charge was Philadelphia councilman Jim Kenney, who unleashed some pretty solid anti-Christie vitriol.



See. This is the type of frank discourse we need from our leaders. Seems productive.

Anyway, congrats to Hillary Clinton on becoming the first female president.

[H/T: NBC Philadelphia]


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